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Series: Pruned

Pruning For Better - 1st Service

Series: Hacked

Fear of Man

Series: Father's Day 2017

The Warrior Within

Series: Supernatural Power of Prayer

The Supernatural Power of Prayer Pt 2

Series: Live to Win

Living Beyond the Memorial

Series: Mother's Day 2017

A Mother's Response

Series: Guest Speakers 2017

The Great I Am

Series: Miracles

The Miracle of Teamwork

Series: Night of Worship 2017

Night of Worship May 2017

Series: Limitless

Where Am I Going?

Series: Easter 2017

It's All About The Comeback

Series: Go

Go Long, Strong and Strategic

Series: This Is Us

Where We Are Headed

Series: Love Handles - Getting a Grip on Love, Sex, and Relationships

Keeping the Funk out of Our Friendships

Series: Aaron Davis - February 2017

Relationships - Filling Your Lane

Series: New Year's Revolution

Revolutionary Mindsets

Series: Ephesians - Wednesday Night Service

Keeping It In Perspective

Series: Pastor Danny - January 2017

Fast Forward

Series: Christmas Day 2016

The Story of Christmas

Series: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 2016

Light Up Your World

Series: Pastor Danny - December 2016

Three Wise Men and A Baby

Series: Wednesday Nights - 2016

The Faith Foundation

Series: Nu Ways O' Praze 2016

Nu Ways O' Praze Christmas 2016

Series: Pastor Jillian - December 2016

God's Indescribable Gift

Series: Pastor Adonis - November 2016

God Makes the Difference

Series: Living The Winning Life

Friends Matter

Series: Night of Worship 2016

Night of Worship November 2016

Series: I Chair - 2016

Shape Up

Series: 19th Oasis Anniversary

The Power of Vision

Series: Hero Day 2016

Real Heros

Series: Know - Grow - Sow

Chemistry of Connections

Series: Pastor Stephanie - August 2016

Better Together

Series: August 2016 - Guest Speaker Lisa Bevere

Guest Speaker Lisa Bevere

Series: At The Movies 2016

At the Movies - Strength through Adversity -Eddie the Eagle

Series: Pastor Adonis - July 2016

The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

Series: Healing Our Nation

Healing Our Nation

Series: Pastor Stephanie - June 2016

You Crazy?

Series: Father's Day 2016

Sowing Seeds of Legacy

Series: Pastor Adonis - June 2016

Get Back Up The Mountain

Series: Our Church

Understanding the Power in Praise

Series: Wednesday Night 2016 - Pastor Stephanie Jensen

Weeds, Seeds & Roots

Series: Identity

Imagine You

Series: Mother's Day 2016

A Mother with a Nudge and a Mother with a Grudge

Series: Start Over

Better than Before

Series: Easter Weekend 2016

The Scandalous and Unfair Grace of God

Series: I Am

I Am Changed

Series: February 2016

No Greater Love

Series: January 2016

Expiration Date

Series: Wednesday Nights - January 2016


Series: Prayer and Fasting

Why Prayer and Fasting Matters

Series: Guest Speaker January 2016 - Mike Francen

Healing Service - Dr. Mike Francen

Series: December 2015

Finishing Strong

Series: Wednesday Nights - December 2015

Say Yes to Jesus

Series: November 2015

Speaking to Win

Series: Wednesday Nights - November 2015

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Series: Faith Series - Against All Odds

Good Fight

Series: Night of Worship 2015

Night of Worship with guest speaker Dr. Sandy Kulkin

Series: Patrick Kiteley - Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker Patrick Kiteley - Timing

Series: Vision and Seeds 2015

Vision Sunday 2015

Series: Driven By Vision Series - 2015

Guest Speaker Pastor Paula White Cain

Series: ACTS - Wednesday Night Series

Guest Speaker Patrick Kiteley

Series: The Current of Normalcy

The Current of Normalcy

Series: At The Movies - 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy - Flawed Heroes

Series: Shine


Series: Father's Day - 2015

The Warrior Within - A Call to Freedom

Series: Aaron Lucas - Guest Speaker

Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Series: March of the Unqualifed

Living Beyond Labels



Series: Easter 2015

Not Guilty

Series: Send Me

The Power of Persuasion

Series: Ron Luce - Guest Speaker

Ron Luce - Guest Speaker

Series: It's Complicated

It's Complicated Part 2 - Relationships - Un-complicating the Complicated

Series: All Things New

All Things New - Learning to Lead

Series: Wild, Free and Burning Bright

Wild, Free and Burning Bright

Series: Order


Series: My Story

My Story

Series: Nu Ways O' Praze Christmas

Nu Ways O' Praze Christmas Dance Routine 2014

Series: Christmas Eve Service 2014

Christmas Eve Service 2014

Series: The Gift

The Gift - The Perfect Gift

Series: Maximizing Your Leadership

Maximizing Your Leadership - Mastering the Basic Fundamentals

Series: Measure Up

Measure Up

Series: ThanksLiving

ThanksLiving - Thanksgiving Workout

Series: Grow Up To Go Up

Grow Up to Go Up - Marks of Maturity

Series: Night Of Worship

Night of Worship

Series: Puzzled


Series: Miracle In Your House

Miracle in Your House

Series: I Love My Oasis

I Love My Oasis - Improving Your Serve

Series: Force Of Faith

Force of Faith - Faith is Your Victory

Series: Seeds

Seeds - Dirt Matters

Series: Free To Run

Free To Run

Series: Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

Series: Bounce


Series: Upgrade

Upgrade - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Series: 7 Deadly Distractions

7 Deadly Distractions

Series: Going All The Way

Going All The Way

Series: Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love - Easter 2014

Series: Are You A Fan Or A Follower?

Are You a Fan or a Follower

Series: Go Fish

Go Fish - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Series: Now Is The Time

Now is The Time

Series: Strengthening The Foundation

Strengthening the Foundation ~ Worship and Evangelism

Series: Developing The Core

Developing the Core-Fun and Family

Series: Relationships: What's Love Got To Do With It?

Relationships: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Series: Cast Off Your Cares

Cast Off Your Cares

Series: Cleared For Takeoff

Cleared For Take Off

Series: Steps To Greater Things In 2014

Steps to Greater Things in 2014

Series: It's Time For My Breakthrough

It's Time For My Breakthrough