With a heart of hospitality as its mission, Room In The Inn offers emergency services, transitional programs, and long-term solutions to help people rebuild their lives. In 2010, Room In The Inn opened a new 45,000 square foot building and began offering permanent supportive housing where they can walk with people on their journey out of chaos, through periods of great change, and continue to support them as they rejoin the workforce, seek education, and work with partner agencies. This is done with an emphasis on one-on-one relationships and a commitment to serving all those who call the streets of Nashville home.

Operating 365 days a year, Room In The Inn currently has over 180 congregations in Middle Tennessee and over 6,000 volunteers.  In their downtown campus, they shelter almost 1400 men and women from November 1st through March 31st each season. Residents at Room In The Inn can access programs that meet their emergency needs, support them through transitional periods, and lead them back towards self-sufficiency and long-term success. Oasis provides monthly financial support to Room In The Inn.