Following God's command to love our neighbor as ourselves, The Nashville Rescue Mission seeks to help the hurting of Middle Tennessee by offering food, clothing and shelter to the homeless and recovery programs to those enslaved in life degrading problems. Their goal is to help people know the saving grace of Jesus, and through Him, gain wisdom for living, find fulfillment in life and become a positive part of the community.

The men’s life-recovery program uses a Christ-centered approach to helping men 18 and over resolve personal problems and chemical addictions. During his time in the program, a man will receive Christian counseling, participate in work therapy, learn how to heal from past wounds and develop new and healthy ways of coping. He will also get the chance to study the Bible and participate in the education program to improve his academic and employment skills or obtain his GED.

Women who are homeless, abused or chemically dependent can find refuge, safety and healing at the Nashville Rescue Mission. During her stay, a woman will receive Christian counseling in one-on-one as well as group sessions, learn how to heal from past wounds, and open up to new, healthy relationships. She will also have an opportunity to study the Bible and participate in the education program in order to improve her academic and employment skills or obtain her GED. Mothers are also taught good parenting techniques, and each woman and her children enjoy time together where they can establish a feeling of safety and a sense “home.” After graduating, women have the opportunity to move into the Mission’s transitional housing until they are able to get back on their feet and find permanent housing.

Oasis provides monthly financial support to the Nashville Rescue Mission helping to restore hope and transform the lives of the hungry, homeless and hurting.