Raven's Hope International is a Christ-centered resource center that offers spiritual growth, leadership development, and mission opportunities to young ladies aged 18-30 from around the world. Their purpose is to change the world one country, one moment, and one woman at a time, through Biblical Studies, Life Skills and Mission Opportunities.‚Äč

There are many people who desire to impact the world through foreign missions but they lack time or resources. RHI affords those who are unable to visit a foreign country an equal opportunity to touch the world with their time, talent, and resources. By temporarily relocating the girls from their country, RHI can give them an opportunity to grow beyond their environment.

Founder Karen Robinson believes that in order to make a difference, we must both reach in and reach out to change our world. Though food, clothing, and shelter are a necessity, they are perishable; however, wisdom and understanding are everlasting. Oasis supports RHI in many ways including monthly financial donations.