The core of Narrow Gate’s belief is that Jesus did not command us to go and find disciples. He commanded us to go and MAKE disciples. Narrow Gate believes that the Church is the body of Christ; the mechanism through which disciples are made (1 Corinthians 12).  If Jesus made disciples to Himself while he was on this earth in bodily form then it stands to reason that He would continue to make disciples to Himself… in bodily form.

Over the past 10 years, the Staff of Narrow Gate have discipled hundreds of young men, their wives, and their families. This process has led to a successful disciple-making process that has many focuses such as: knowing and defending that the Bible is the true word of God based on historical proof; understanding how we are created body, soul, and spirit in the likeness of our Creator; knowing and believing who we are in Christ and how that affects our behaviors; understanding our unique personalities and strengths and how they interact with the other parts of the body of Christ; learning to hear God speak clearly and effectively; and learning to obey God’s direction in daily circumstances and character development. Oasis provides monthly financial support to The Narrow Gate Foundation