Fast Track

To better serve our growing Oasis Family, we have consolidated our membership process into what we are calling a Fast Track class!  Join us once a month in the Velocity chapel.  During this two hour class, Pastors Danny, Jillian, and other leaders will share our history, along with the mission & vision of the Oasis.  We will cover our vision and core beliefs and lay the foundation of the remarkable life that we believe can happen when a person moves beyond church attendance to knowing God intimately.  This will help you understand the values of our Oasis Church.  We will explain the importance of growing in community through our Life Groups and Classes.  You will get a clear picture of why we do what we do during our Weekend Worship Experience.  You’ll also hear some amazing stories of our Oasis Journey.  During this time you’ll discover who we are, where we came from, and the exciting road ahead of us as a church family as focus on Loving God, Loving People and Serving the World. 

Our July & Auguts Fast Track Classes will be held immediately after 2nd service on Sunday, July 9th and Sunday August 13th.