We are excited about the Upcoming Semester of Life Groups!  We'll be launching our Fall Semester of Life Groups on Sunday, September 4th!

If you are interested in leading a Life Group this Fall, Click Here to apply.

Life groups are community and interest driven groups that provide connections, relationships and a great time of fellowship and hanging out with others doing life together.  Anyone can join one of our amazing life groups at any time during the semester.  You Do Not have to be a member of Oasis Church in order to join a life group.  We encourage all of our life groups and leaders to reach outside the four walls of the church into their communities and workplace to invite family and friends to be a part of a life group.

Our vision of Life Groups is very simple. They are places where people grow in their faith through understanding, support, accountability and responsibility.

Understanding: There is something amazing that happens when people really understand each other.  We don’t even have to agree on everything, just understand, acknowledge and appreciate another’s perspective.

Support: When there is a sense of belonging and understanding, a Life Group is a place of support. Giving support is really cool; getting support is priceless!

Accountability: This means having people in my life who I give permission to help keep me on track. We are not meant to walk the Christian journey alone.

Responsibility: This is where we must realize that relationships do not magically happen. They must be nurtured and worked on. This is the best thing about Life Groups; they give us the opportunity to develop and work on relationships, our leadership skills and the act of committing to the process. The bottom line is we need each other, and others need you!

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”
1 Corinthians 12:27