Oasis Joins Citipointe Family


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Oasis Joins Citipointe Family


On March 3rd, 2019 Oasis Church announced during our 9am and 11am services that we have joined the Citipointe Global family lead by Global Senior Pastors, Mark and Leigh Ramsey! During the service, Pastor Jill Chambers shared how conversations surrounding the vision for Oasis and Citipointe began in June of 2018 when she and Pastor Danny Chambers spoke with Pastor Mark and Pastor Leigh Ramsey about it for the first time. In recent weeks, the board met for the first time in 2019 and voted to move forward with this merger.


If you would like to watch the service it is available on our Oasis Church Nashville Youtube Channel at this link:

This is a very exciting time for Oasis Church!

If you would like to review the Heartbeat Document from Citipointe Church to see just how in sync the vision of Citipointe is with the vision of the Oasis you can view it HERE https://www.oasischurch.tv/uploads/general/Heartbeat_Doc.pdf: