Keeping The Light On


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Keeping The Light On

Most personal struggles happen in our mind before they happen in our lives. When darkness advances our thought life becomes the primary beachhead of occupation. However, just like the sunset, darkness can only make an advance if the Light is pulling back.

Even as the sun sets we are the ones who determine if darkness makes its way into our homes... It only happens as we choose to turn off the Light.

Ps.119:130 says "The entrance of God's Word gives Light." When we stay in it, it stays in us and puts a "No Access sign" on our mind to fear, addiction, lonliness, rejection, anger, and every other dark thought.

We are each uniquely qualified to determine what happens in our mind... And the mega truth of the day is this. "What happens in our mind will happen in time if we don't keep the Light On!" So, keep the Light On all day and into the night by thinking on those things that are Pure, Lovely, of Good Report, things virtuous and full thankfulness. As you do this you become a courier of the Light, pushing back the darkness in the lives of others.

It's your day to show up and shine! You're gonna have a Great Day, all day long!

To your Victory,
Danny Chambers