The Oasis Church Story

In 1996, after years of leading evangelism and worship ministries around the world, God started to move on Pastor Danny and Jill Chambers’ hearts that a season of transition was coming. Though they weren’t sure exactly where, they felt strongly that He was calling them to a new city.  Based in Oklahoma City at the time, it was through a series of signs that God really began to reveal the destination.

“One day I found myself in my office, literally praying and weeping for the city of Nashville,” explains Pastor Danny. “The scriptures ‘Jesus wept over Jerusalem’ and ‘Ask for the nations and I will give them for inheritance’ came to my mind and the Lord really began to speak to my heart: “Ask me for the nation of music.”

It wasn’t long after that the Chambers family found themselves moving to Music City, USA.

Oasis Church held its first service September 21, 1997 in Bellevue, Tennessee with about 100 people in attendance. Though the church weathered a season of difficult times and financial uncertainty, God ultimately used the challenges to create a stronger foundation and a clearer vision. A prophetic word that they wouldn’t have to build, but would be given a building, came true a few months later when Danny and Jill were given the opportunity to share the heart and vision of Oasis with elders at the Lord’s Chapel ministry, a ministry that was undergoing their own season of transition. Within a six week period, Oasis was given the $5.5 million dollar Lord’s Chapel campus, free and clear - known today as the Nashville Campus.

A new day had arrived! The Oasis team had evolved as leaders, had a clear vision, and the Nashville Campus was blossoming and blooming with the vision: To “Love God, Love People, and Serve the World.”

“God has a great call on this church and we want you to be a part of it,” says Pastor Danny. “Let’s do life together.”