The Bible declares that the Gospel will be preached throughout the world and we’re living in a generation that is actually experiencing what that feels like through the wonder of technology. Oasis is reaching a global audience through our live worship services and programming content that’s also available on-demand to every mobile, tablet, computer and tv user with a connection to the internet.

We’re reaching over 100 nations and all 50 states in the US, and we realize many people won’t go to a church first without listening and viewing online. Our goal is not to provide something great to watch--our goal is for you to experience the very presence of God no matter where you’re watching our broadcast. We’re also here to minister to you so that you can let us know that you need prayer, have questions about your relationship with God or simply need to connect with someone who shares the love of Christ with you. Whether you join us via Facebook Live, our website, or a streaming device - our amazing team is here each week to make sure that you have an opportunity to truly experience and connect with God!